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Concerts & DJs

De La Montagne


Thursday 12 14:00h - 14:45h
Sónar by DaySonarDôme - LIVE
Female electro power
There’s something magical about merging the naive with the lo-fi: both encompass everything we love about pop music, where simple structures, clear hooks, and danceable beats can undercut the gloss and pomp that are often mistaken for high production values. Bruxelles-based lead singer and dextrous loop station manipulator Camille Bouvot-Duval, and fellow cohort Alto Clark, the monkey drummer, both cite Tracy + the Plastics, the Knife, and CSS as influences - and it shows. Their coy electro plays to the sexual politics of the dancefloor while simultaneously subverting them.

You Sexy Thing, cover De La Montagne
  • You Sexy Thing, cover De La Montagne

    You Sexy Thing, cover De La Montagne

  • De La Montagne

    De La Montagne


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