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Concerts & DJs

Eme DJ

(Subterfuge / ES)

Friday 13 22:00h - 23:10h
Sónar by NightSonarCar - DJ
Pop heart
Moved by a contagious passion for music from a young age, Marta Fierro began DJ’ing a few years ago on the indie-pop scene in his native Galicia, becoming the dj he is today, followed by a large and loyal fan base throughout the country. Her sets and musical knowledge are shaped by a pop calling which is present in everything she does. She’s also extremely versatile and encompass all types of sounds and genres attributed to dance music. Although at Sónar she will open with one of her sets at the SonarCar stage, Eme DJ has recently also started producing. After debuting on Subterfuge last year with "Giant", she has now released "Swim", a new tune featuring collaborations with Nimio and Bravo Fisher, which has been remixed by among others Astroboyz, Kill The Hipsters and Congo Diamond.

Eme DJ
  • Eme DJ - Sónar 2014 Special Mix

    Eme DJ - Sónar 2014 Special Mix

  • Eme DJ

    Eme DJ


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