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Concerts & DJs

Evian Christ (dj set)

(Tri Angle / UK)

Friday 13 03:15h - 04:15h
Sónar by NightSonarLab - DJ
Future beats
Kanye West's call to include him as one of the exclusive cast of producers for album "Yeezus" and recent collaboration with highly-rated conceptual artist Matthew Barney demonstrate a sweet artistic moment for Evian Christ, especially when you consider it has been achieved in less than two years. He was originally discovered by Robin Carolan, head of prestigious label Tri Angle, where he produced two outstanding releases: the EP "Kings And Them" and the experimental "Duga-3". Both illustrate he is a defining artist of his time, lover of R & B, slow tempos and dark fluid beats, elements typical in the new generation of hip hop practiced by other contemporaries like Clams Casino or Arca. Christ takes those same elements, adding surprising depth and with finesse more akin to a veteran producer armed with all the tricks of the trade. The future is in his hands.

Evian Christ - Waterfall
  • Evian Christ - Waterfall

    Evian Christ - Waterfall

  • Evian Christ

    Evian Christ


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