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Concerts & DJs

Forest Swords

(Tri Angle / UK)

Friday 13 16:00h - 16:50h
Sónar by DaySonarHall - LIVE
Ancient rhythms
The sound of English producer Mathew Barnes mirrors a melancholic style from the likes of Burial, Grouper and Dj Screw with hip hop, r&b, drones, Jamaican dub and Ennio Morricone guitar lines. Hailing from the Wirral, near Liverpool, in the northwest of the country, the influence of the environment on his sound is so important that he defines his music as folk. Through subjective interpretation, use of technology and field recordings, Barnes converts geography and the ‘vibrations’ of the area (abundant in popular history dating back to the Viking Age) into amazing auditory pieces. The result is earthy, mystical, organic and timeless. Solitary atmospheres, haunting melodies and hypnotic effects are constants in his music: EP "Fjree Feather" and LPs "Dagger Paths" (voted 2010 best album by FACT) and "Engravings" released last year on Tri Angle (Evian Christ, Haxan Cloak, Clams Casino). Live, Forest Swords mix guitars, bass, vocals and electronica and features Barnes on stage with two others, one of whom is responsible for the visual framework.

Forest Swords - Thor’s Stone
  • Forest Swords - Thor’s Stone

    Forest Swords - Thor’s Stone

  • Forest Swords

    Forest Swords


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