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I Am Legion

(Division Records / UK-NL)

Saturday 14 04:05h - 05:05h
Sónar by NightSonarClub - LIVE
Storm on the dance floor
I am Legion is the union between hip-hop band Foreign Beggars and dubstep maestros Noisia. After tearing apart genre structures with their joint 2009 collaboration "Contact" (over 9 million views on YouTube), both parties decided to take their collision of sound to the next level. The super group’s recently released album of the same name allows sufficient space for both lyrics and sound exploration, with the end result resembling a rap album fused with electronica rather than an electronica album over laced with rap. Noisia are a Dutch electronica trio, consisting of Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger, who play a number of styles, from dubstep and drum'n'bass through to break beat and house. They manage three labels (Vision, Division and Invisible Recordings), have recorded for the Fabric mix series and have remixed artists as diverse as Robbie Williams, Moby, Prodigy, Skrillex and deadmau5. Meanwhile Foreign Beggars are one of the most versatile and prolific British hip-hop groups. They have played with Snoop Dog, Femi Kuti, Talib Kweli, Wu Tang Clan, Roni Size and Public Enemy, among others with some of their members also collaborating on albums by Björk and Gorillaz.

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