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Concerts & DJs

James Murphy


Saturday 14 00:20h - 01:20h
Sónar by NightSonarPub - DJ
Life after LCD
Leader of LCD Soundsystem—a key group of the last two decades if ever there were—musician, producer, DJ and owner of DFA records, James Murphy comes back to Sónar to get behind the decks and serve up one of his unique sessions of disco and house sparkling with gems only he seems to be able to find. Muck ink has already been spilt about Murphy’s towering influence on the current sound scene. He’d already have earned his place on Mount Olympus for the three LCD Soundsystem albums alone, even though his work at the helm of DFA (both the label and the production team) has helped just as much—if not more so—to define the kind of music we listen to today. Fortunately, the end of LCD Soundsystem hasn’t meant the end of Murphy. Far from it. In fact, he’s recently been involved in lots of eye-catching initiatives: producing Arcade Fire’s latest album, working with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Pulp, composing scores for theatre plays, working on a film project in Japan, crafting his acclaimed remix for David Bowie, and, of course, designing his new concept, DESPACIO, together with his friends the Dewaele brothers (2manydjs), which partygoers can enjoy over all three days of Sónar by Day.

James Murphy


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