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(Thrill Jockey / US)

Friday 13 19:00h - 20:00h
Sónar by DaySonarHall - LIVE
Formed in San Francisco in the late 90’s, Matmos (who are: MC Schmidt and Drew Daniel), recent collaborators with Björk, practice IDM made with some of the most creative and unusual electronic music samples. A Matmos song, could well be based on elements such as the sound of human hair being combed, medical equipment being lifted from an operating table, Bible pages being turned one by one, the sound of the neurological activities of a prawn (!) or fat being sucked out during liposuction. Unsurprisingly then, their latest work is once again highly conceptual and "The Marriage of True Minds" records the findings of their four year investigation into telepathy and other psychic experiments. Their concerts are always unique experiences, akin to being present in a laboratory where live samples (using water experiments, balloons and other strange unclassifiable objects) are combined. Given these numerous disparate elements, how do they ensure everything makes sense? Easy: an ardent sense of humour and a great deal of empathy with the audience.

Matmos - The Marriage of True Minds
  • Matmos - The Marriage of True Minds

    Matmos - The Marriage of True Minds

  • Matmos



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