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(Bijin Records / JP)

Thursday 12 18:30h - 19:20h
Sónar by DaySonarHall - LIVE
Japanese Effect
Nisennenmondai are an instrumental trio from Tokyo, with a raw and danceable sound influenced in equal measure by post-punk, no wave, krautrock, free jazz and disco. The group is formed by Masako Takada on guitar, Yuri Zaikawa on bass and Sayaka Hime on drums and first began in 1999 taking their name from the Japanese translation of the then dreaded Y2K bug. Their visceral and unique on stage performances have won over many touring Western groups, like those of Lightning Bolt, Battles and No Age. Their dynamic live shows are 100 % human, in which the band slowly constructs their tracks with slight variations and loops. The result is crazy, so perfectly repetitive that it in many cases it can sound like techno. John Stanier (the authoritative Battles drummer) said that after seeing them perform, he felt that his own group were reduced to a bunch of idiots. With an eight album discography, Nisennenmondai began to make waves outside of Japan thanks to the 2008 compilation "Neji / Tori" released by Swedish label Smalltown Supersound. Despite the lack of media attention, the Japanese band has managed to build a loyal international fan base thanks to their explosive live concerts performed around the world. Nisennenmondai played at the most recent edition of Sónar Tokyo.

Nisennenmondai - Soundtrack 4 for Nobetsumakunashi
  • Nisennenmondai - Soundtrack 4 for Nobetsumakunashi

    Nisennenmondai - Soundtrack 4 for Nobetsumakunashi

  • Nisennenmondai



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