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Concerts & DJs

Octo Octa

(100% Silk / US)

Friday 13 19:30h - 20:45h
Sónar by DaySonarDôme - DJ
Human house
Octo Octa hasn't been releasing records for long, but he’s quickly found a niche and a close-knit family. With the 100% Silk imprint, the Brooklyn-based artist is plugged into Los Angeles' Not Not Fun matrix, two sister labels creating one of the most talked-about networks in the US underground. Like the other artists on the 100% Silk roster, Octo Octa offers the indie flipside to the EDM craze that continues to grip the USA. His warm take on classic house music comes somewhat sideways, partly because he doesn’t have a background in club culture. But that naivete is accompanied by guileless charm and humility, which shines through across his three albums, complimenting 100% Silk and their creative DIY aesthetics.

Octo Octa - Further Out
  • Octo Octa - Further Out

    Octo Octa - Further Out

  • Octo Octa

    Octo Octa


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