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Concerts & DJs

Roll The Dice

(The Leaf Label / SE)

Saturday 14 15:30h - 16:20h
Sónar by DaySonarHall - LIVE
Audiovisual landscapes
After sharing a studio space for five years, Peder Mannerfelt (aka The Subliminal Kid and a former member of Fever Ray’s live band) and Malcolm Pardon (composer of audiovisual pieces for film and TV) made the decision to work together. Their eponymous debut album came out in 2010 on the American label Digitalis Recordings, followed a year later by “In Dust” on The Leaf Label. The duo usually work under fairly strict rules and like to push themselves right to their own limits. Their compositions are epic, moving, narrative soundscapes—at times claustrophobic and tense, at others more serene, with space to breathe. In addition to their two albums, they have also worked with synthetic-dub master Stefan Betke (aka Pole) on “In Dubs”. Their third album is due to come out in May and in June they’ll be presenting it at Sónar with a new show that brings their visual side to the fore like never before.

Roll The Dice - Bad Tempered
  • Roll The Dice - Bad Tempered

    Roll The Dice - Bad Tempered

  • Roll The Dice

    Roll The Dice


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