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Spoek Mathambo


Saturday 14 15:30h - 16:30h
Sónar by DaySonarVillage by Estrella Damm - LIVE
South Africa poker
The edgy, unorthodox figure of Spoek Mathambo heads the Fantasma project, a South African superband made up of musicians with very different backgrounds and styles who teamed up to create a sound that is far more than the sum of its parts. Fantasma are electronica producer DJ Spoko, from Pretoria; Bhekisenzo Cele, from Durban, on the accordion, guitar, bass and vocals; guitarist Andre Geldenhuys, from Cape Town; and, last but not least, on vocals, the boss, producer Spoek Mathambo, from Johannesburg, whose albums have been released on several prestigious labels, including Mad Decent, Shitkatapult and Sub Pop. Into this melting pot go dozens of styles, skills, sounds and influences, from deep house (one of the most popular genres in the country) to psychedelia by way of Zulu traditions, hip hop psych rock, ancestral beats, Bacardi house (invented by DJ Spoko) and even aspects of surf music, one of Geldenhuys’ areas of expertise. They’re about to release their first album and—looking at what they’ve got to offer—their live show could well be one of the biggest surprises of Sónar 2014.

  • Spoek Mathambo - Samthing Soweto - Let It Happen

    Spoek Mathambo - Samthing Soweto - Let It Happen

  • Spoek Mathambo - Control

    Spoek Mathambo - Control

  • Spoek Mathambo

    Spoek Mathambo


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