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(L.I.E.S. / US)

Friday 13 04:30h - 05:30h
Sónar by NightSonarCar - LIVE
Arriving straight from Chicago, the sound of Marquis Cooper (Svengalisghost) is dystopian, paranoiac and "noir" that includes flawless hooks of acid, house, techno and EBM. Cooper, who previously worked under the name Below Underground, began to attract the attention of electronica specialists with his first EP "Mind Control", for New York label L.I.E.S. Aesthetically influenced by the visual arts, architecture and literature (as well as disco singles by maestro Ron Hardy), a young Cooper learned to manipulate cassette tapes, old editing techniques and methods to distort sound from a turntable, creating a sound wave bordering on surrealist. This in part lends to his artist name of Svengali, a character in the George du Maurier novel "Trilby" (1895), a word that has come to refer to someone who is a master of manipulation, domination and control. A natural born artist and performer, his live shows are based on a powerful combination of sound equipment (Korg ESX, Evolver, Mopho, DX200, Mackie 1202VLZ, Electric Mo -FX) and his own voice, which penetrates his music’s granulated and reflective textures.

Svengalisghost - Shadowlust-Iris
  • Svengalisghost - Shadowlust-Iris

    Svengalisghost - Shadowlust-Iris

  • Svengalisghost



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