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(Envelope Collective / ES)

Saturday 14 14:00h - 14:55h
Sónar by DaySonarComplex - LIVE
Tension and poetry
Personal project of Parisian and Madrid resident Olivier Arson, Territoire reveals one of the best-kept, largely undiscovered secrets in the experimental Spanish scene. Although Arson is the man in charge, he is not alone in this adventure: he is accompanied by Sara Galán and Edu Comelles (cello and laptop, who both performed at Sónar 2013), Abel Hernández (El Hijo, Migala), Miguel Marín (Arbol) and Miren Iza (vocalist for Tulsa), among others, all of whom participated on "Mandorle", an album that slowly develops with an amazing outcome, as if it were a soundtrack to an imaginary experimental film, with spoken word passages and dreamlike instrumental progressions that defy convention. In addition to their sound aesthetic, visual appearance is also an essential part of Territoire. The mesmerizing "Blanc" video (one of the album’s central themes, directed by Pedro Martín- Calero) is a measure of Territoire’s dark and cinematic imagery, which they will perform in its full glory as a live trio (with David Sergeant playing guitars and Javi Tasio playing drums)  at SonarComplex.

  • TERRITOIRE — Ton père

    TERRITOIRE — Ton père

  • Territoire



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