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(Neonized / ES)

Saturday 14 13:00h - 14:30h
Sónar by DaySonarVillage by Estrella Damm - DJ
Funk touch
Ibiza resident Vallès is specially inspired by the French sound of the late 90s and funk from the 70s in all its different guises. This young producer (just 21 years old) released his debut EP "Santa Lucia" just a few months ago on Neonized Records, comprising of three of his own songs and three sophisticated house remixes, with jazz arrangements, deep grooves and crystal clear production. His influences and tastes can be traced via his Neon Mix, recorded for the Neonized magazine (name sake to the label), in which he mixes thirty classic funk tracks with contemporary house, in just half an hour, showing truly amazing skills and speed.

Valles - Heartbeat
  • Vallès - Heartbeat

    Vallès - Heartbeat

  • Vallès



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