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(Lit City Trax / UK)

Friday 13 01:30h - 02:30h
Sónar by NightSonarCar - DJ
Originating from South London, Louis Carnell (aka Visionist) has for some time been earmarked by the specialised press, as one of the most promising and intriguing artist’s in today’s British electronica. Since his first appearance in 2011, with songs like "Come In" and "Mr.67", Visionist has seamlessly slotted into various scenes and sounds, drawing inspiration from across the Atlantic on which he keeps a firm eye. The resulting influences include Detroit techno and Chicago footwork, with which the Englishman connects to grime, the genre that is undoubtedly the driving force behind his musical sound. He is label chief at Lost Codes, having also published on Keysound Recordings, Signal Life, Leisure System, Left Blank and more recently, Ramp. His latest EP, "I'm Fine" was released on label Lit City Trax, key proponent of the footwork brand and home of DJ Rashad and Traxman. On recent tracks, Visionist outlines his grime sound, including experimental and ethereal elements. He now stands at the forefront of a genre increasingly focused on abstract sounds and eminently instrumental productions.

Visionist - More Pain
  • Visionist - More Pain

    Visionist - More Pain

  • Visionist



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