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Concerts & DJs

Xavi Mateu y Carlos Bayona

(FEA / ES)

Saturday 14 22:00h - 23:30h
Sónar by NightSonarCar - DJ
Hedonism without prejudice
Mateu and Bayona are the senior managers of the group and festival known as FEA (Festival Electropop Alternativo – Alternative Electropop Festival). After ten editions the festival has become a reference for Spain’s light, hedonistic electronic punk music, and a stepping-stone to other festivals including Gente Joven, a kind of small Eurovision on a national scale. Their opening set at SonarCar will set a festive and playful tone for Saturday night. Bayona has played for almost 20 years and since 2007 he has produced, remixed and played with friends and similar bands including Lorena C., OBK and Love of Lesbian. Mateu (AKA Xavi Superputa) has also played technopop, electro goth, punk and techno sets since the mid-90s, and has played with groups such as Superputa, Castidad and Herois de la Katalunya Interior. His latest project is electropop duo Barcelona 82 with Polish vocalist Roza Partyka.

Xavi Mateu y Carlos Bayona
  • Xavi Mateu y Carlos Bayona

    Xavi Mateu y Carlos Bayona

  • Xavi Mateu

    Xavi Mateu

  • Carlos Bayona

    Carlos Bayona


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