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(Kitsuné / FR)

Saturday 14 23:30h - 00:30h
Sónar by NightSonarLab - LIVE
Enjoy life
Yelle (feminised acronym for "You enjoy life") are a cheerful and vibrant electro-synth-pop trio from the Brittany region in France. Comprised of Yelle (singer-songwriter Julie Budet), Tepr (keyboards) and GrandMarnier (drums), they have enjoyed enormous international success despite their songs and lyrics being entirely in French. Yelle immediately caught the attention of listeners back in their 2005 early days with the track "Short Dick Cuisine", later to be re-christened "Je veux te voir", it reached the Top 5 singles in France and led to the group being signed by V2 Records, which two years later published their ​​first album, "Pop Up". The album included another major hit, "A Cause Des Garçons" cover version of an 80’s French band of the same name. Their second album, "Safari Disco Club" (2011) delved into their euro-pop facet with a greater presence of new wave synths and Caribbean touches. In 2013 they released the single "L' Amour Parfait" on Kitsuné, which combined hip-hop and electro pop, moving away from the upbeat sound of their earlier work. 2014 will see the release their third album, and a powerful and totally revamped live show that you can catch at Sónar.

  • Yelle - L’Amour Parfait

    Yelle - L’Amour Parfait

  • Yelle



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