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  • Festival times

    • What are the Sónar by Day opening hours?

      Thursday from 12 noon until 11pm.
      Friday and saturday from 12 noon until 10pm.

    • What are the Sónar by Night opening hours?

      Doors open at 9pm. Concerts start at 10pm.

    • What is the best time to get to Sónar by Night?

      So that you don’t miss the headlining shows that start at 10:30pm, we recommend you arriving at least an hour before.

    • Is there a cut-off time to access Sónar by Day?

      Yes, thursday at 10.30pm
      Friday and saturday at 9:30pm.

    • Is there a cut-off time to access Sónar by Night?

      Yes, at 6am.

    • The Sónar by Night concerts of Friday are the night of Thursday going into the early hours of Friday morning? Or are they the night of Friday going into the early hours of Saturday?

      They are Friday night going into Saturday.

    • The Sónar by Night concerts of Saturday are the night of Friday going into the early hours of Saturday morning? Or are they the night of Saturday going into the early hours of Sunday?

      They are the night of Saturday into Sunday.

    • General questions

      • Can I bring my camera?

        Neither professional cameras nor video recording cameras are allowed into the festival sites

      • Are there ATMs?

        At Sónar by Day, Yes.
        At Sónar by Night, NO

      • Can I bring my Skate?


      • Can I pay by credit card?


      • Can I Access the site with food or drink?


      • Can I smoke?

        In the uncovered areas, yes. Indoors, no.

      • Can I buy tobacco?


      • Is there WIFI access?

        At Sonar by Day, in SonarVillage.

      • Can I buy food?


      • What are the age restrictions at Sónar Festival?

        Sónar by Day: Entrance permitted to all public. Minors under the age of sixteen may access the event but must be accompanied by an adult. It is obligatory to fill in this form to be able to access with a minor.
        Sónar by Night: Entrance prohibited to under 16s.

      • Do children have to pay?

        Yes. As of 7 years and above. At Sónar by Night entrance is prohibited to minors under the age of 16 years.

      • Is there site access for people with disabilities or any specific needs and accompanying assistance?

        Yes. Entrance to the festival has been adapted for disabled access, however there are no suitable areas next to the stage. For individuals or companions with any specific needs please contact us via e-mail explaining the situation:

      • Are there merchandising shops at the festival?


      • Can I find security if I need it?


      • What should I do if I want to make a complaint?

        At the ticket offices you will find claims forms.

      • Can I access and exit the sites as I wish?

        At Sónar by Day yes.
        At Sónar by Night if you leave the site you will not be allowed back in (except accreditation holders and artists). 

      • Is there a hand programme available?


      • Can I download an official APP?

        Yes, you’ll find it here:  Android  / Apple

      • Accommodation

        • How can I find accommodation?

          Find the best options through our associated search engine.

        • Is there camping at Sonar?


        • Tickets

          • Where can I buy tickets?

            You can buy them via the official ticket outlets. You can find them here.

          • Are there ticket offices at the festival?


          • Can I buy or give a ticket to a friend? How?

            Yes. You buy it, you print it, and you give it...

          • Are there names on the tickets?


          • What happens if I buy a ticket from a non-official ticket seller? How can I be sure that it is legitimate?

            We cannot guarantee the legitimacy of a ticket bought from another vendor that is not one of our official distributors.

          • I haven’t received an email confirmation. What should I do?

            Get in contact with the ticket distributor that you bought it from (SonarTickets,Ticketmaster, Atrápalo, etc.)

          • Can I get an invoice for tickets bought?

            Yes. You should ask the ticket distributor where you bought it (SonarTickets, Ticketmaster, Atrápalo, etc.).

          • What should I do if I receive an error message as I try to print my ticket?

            Get in touch with the ticket distributor that you bought it from (SonarTickets,Ticketmaster, Atrápalo, etc.)

          • What if I haven’t got a printer?

            You’ll need to find one to be able to print your ticket. Without the printed ticket you will not be allowed into the festival site.

          • What happens if I lose my ticket?

            You can print it again. Remember that there is an electronic access control onsite and you may only access the event once with this ticket (the barcode will only be read once)

          • Will I find tickets available onsite at ticket offices if the web says that they are sold out?


          • Does the Sónar Pass allow access to the Opening Night Concert and activities that take place outside of the Fira Montjuic and Fira Gran Via?

            No. The Sónar Pass allows you Access to all Sónar by Day (18th, 19th and 20th June) at Fira Montjuic, and Sónar by Night (19th and 20th June) at Fira Gran Via L’Hospitalet.

          • Can I change or cancel a ticket I’ve bought?

            Once a purchase has been made changes are not allowed.

          • Transport

            • How can I get to Sónar by Day?

              Follow this link for transport information.

            • How can I get to Sónar by Night?

              Follow this link for transport information.

            • How do I get from Sónar by Day to Sonar by Night?

              Follow this link for transport information.

            • How long does it take to get from Sónar by Day to Sónar by Night?

              By car or taxi: 8 minutes; by SonarBus: 10 minutes; by  FGC (train): 15 minutes and by bus: 10 minutes

            • How often does the SonarBus leave?

              Every 20 minutes aprox

            • Is there parking around the venues?

              At Sónar by Day, yes, at Sónar by Night, no.

            • Getting involved

              • How can I apply/send a demo to the festival?

                The festival only receives and only responds to applications between the months of October and February. Write to between these months for info. Please remember, Sónar Festival is an electronic music festival.

              • I’m a photographer. How can I get a photopass?

                You can apply for this at the Press Room at Sónar by Day during the festival. (You must be a Press accreditation holder)

              • Do you hire volunteers?


              • Can I set up a food stall at the festival (food or other goods)?

                We only study proposals we receive before the month of April. Send us an email with a full written proposal to

              • Are there opportunities to work at the festival? Where can I send my CV?

                We answer all CVs that we receive and we save them all, however, we receive a massive number. Don’t get disheartened, send it to

              • Can I sell merchandising at the festival?

                There is no Marketplace at Sónar therefore there are no opportunities to sell items of any kind that is not part of Sónar+D (in which case you should write to

              • I’m a student. Can you help me with...?

                We receive hundreds of requests from students, and because of our workload it is impossible to attend every one of them. We dedicate time to one or two requests a year, and always when they are sent between September and November.